Beginner's Yoga Kit (Mat, Block, Strap)

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Beginner’s Yoga Kit (Mat, Block, Strap)

39.00$ 34.70$

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YOGA KIT: Complete kit with everything needed to master the basic skills of yoga, including a yoga mat, yoga block and yoga strap

YOGA MAT: 3mm fashion print yoga mat is lightweight, yet durable with a non-slip textured surface

YOGA BLOCK: Foam yoga brick (3″x 6″x 9″) helps extend, support and deepen stretches

YOGA STRAP: 6 ft. yoga strap with durable metal D-ring helps increase range of motion, achieve more challenging positions and sustain poses for longer periods of time

INCLUDED: Two full-length yoga workouts, plus props training bonus with renowned yoga instructor Rodney Yee (Packaging May Vary to include workouts on DVD or via Online Streaming)



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The Yoga Revolution is here. At Gaiam we know yoga. We know a good flow when we’re in one. For over 25 years we’ve been on the mat, making yoga a part of our lives. And that’s why each Gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced with your yoga needs in mind. We were there for your first downward facing dog, and we’ll be there for everything that comes next. So you can say yes to yoga, and yes to a better you.

Gaiam Yoga.

Say yes to a better you.


Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter Kit


Begin your yoga practice with all the tools necessary to master the basic skills.

In a quick tutorial, yoga expert Rodney Yee teaches you how to use the included alignment yoga mat, brick and strap to build a solid foundation. Whether you’re looking for increased flexibility or a workout that challenges the body as a whole, the Yoga Beginner’s Kit is an ideal way to ease yoga into your daily routine.

Kit also includes alignment yoga mat, yoga block, 6’ yoga strap and two full-length yoga workouts, plus a seated meditation preparation routine. Packaging May Vary to include workouts on DVD or available via Online Streaming.

  • Kit contains essentials needed to start your Yoga practice
  • Yoga block for proper positioning and support
  • Alignment yoga mat to help guide hand and foot placement
  • Yoga strap to lengthen and align stretches
  • Workout programs include AM Yoga, Daily Yoga, Prop Intro and a Meditation program
  • Packaging May Vary to include workouts on DVD or available via Online Streaming







Starter Kit

Whether you’re looking for increased flexibility or a workout that challenges the body as a whole, the Yoga Beginner’s Kit is an ideal way to ease yoga into your daily routine.


Yoga Routines

‘A.M. Yoga’ (20 minutes) – Get a productive start to the day with this 20-minute workout designed to open your body and center your mind. Taking a few minutes in the morning to find clarity and peace can give meaning to the rest of your day.

‘Daily Yoga’ (20 minutes) – This gentle program will help increase circulation and mobility and invigorate you when you feel low on energy. Concludes with a restful and rejuvenating three-minute conscious relaxation.



‘Prop Intro’ (8 minutes) – Learn how yoga props (brick, strap and mat) can guide you into good habits as you cultivate your yoga practice. With proper technique, these tools will have you moving like an expert from the very start.

‘Seated Meditation Preparation’ (10 minutes) – Before you enter into meditation, take a few minutes to prepare your body and mind. These simple stretches ready you for a deeper state of consciousness. The perfect end to an active yoga session.

Note: Packaging May Vary to include workouts on DVD or available via Online Streaming.


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10 reviews for Beginner’s Yoga Kit (Mat, Block, Strap)

  1. Frequent Buyer

    I had never done any yoga before I bought this kit, so I can’t compare it to other yoga materials out there. Overall, I thought it was a great deal for someone looking to try out yoga at home.I’ve been using the mat almost daily for the past month now and it seems to be holding up well. I appreciate the markings that you can use to help line up your feet and hands- they are more useful than I expected them to be. The strap is made of really thick material and I think I will appreciate having it around as I learn more ways to incorporate it in my workout. Same with the block.The DVD also has a great ‘Daily Yoga’ workout for beginners. I had hoped that “for beginners” meant that there would be some introductions to the poses and how to avoid common mistakes, but even without that, I found it was still fairly easy to catch on. The ‘Morning Stretch’ is more of a warm-up than a workout, but still useful.

  2. Kindle Customer

    I love all the items that came with the yoga mat. The mat itself seems soft and thick enough to not cause problems for my fibromyalgia-sensitive body. However, it has taken a good week of airing out the yoga mat in order to get rid of most of the offensive chemical smell coming from it. I do not enjoy doing downward dog or child’s pose whilst not being able to breathe…! It helped to hang the mat out on the balcony for a few days and keep it unrolled in the living room to air it out better, but the smell is still there, though not far as strong, anymore. Don’t plan on doing yoga on this mat straight out of the package! After a while, though, it seems to do its job just fine. On the upside, I absolutely love the Rodney Yee DVD. The exercises are perfect for a beginner yogi and Rodney has an extremely soothing voice and explains the poses and their purpose very well. If I buy another yoga DVD, his videos will be my first choice!

  3. blightheavy

    I am not very limber and I have chronic spine issues, so having a block and straps was essential for me to do yoga. Before using this, I always ended up hurting myself or feeling bad about myself because I couldn’t complete the stretches due to my body hindrance and would just give up. This made everything go so smoothly, I could adjust the block or the strap to give me ample stretch without hurting myself (or falling over) and I highly recommend the sitting techniques in the DVD as well as the meditation. Yoga should be relaxing and strengthen your body. It shouldn’t make you curse like a sailor and fall over and hurt. So glad to know this was an option!

  4. Martin Extejt

    The strap and block are good but the rubberi / plastic mat is still out-gassing after a few weeks. The strong odor is extremely obnoxious especially because many of the poses require you to be face down on the mat. The composition materials of this mat need to be changed so that the user is thinking about Yoga and not if what he or she is smelling is harmful at worst or just stinky at best.

  5. Kristina

    I have been doing yoga for about a year now and still have trouble keeping my feet straight, which hurts my knees when doing certain moves. I bought the beginner’s kit because I wanted a mat that had a pattern on it to help me keep my feet straight and I wanted the yoga strap to help me with some of my stretches. The mat is great, I have only used it once since I received it yesterday, but the pattern made a big difference during my workout. The mat is also longer than my old mat by several inches, which is a bonus since I am almost 6′ and the old mat was too short for some stretches.The reason I am only rating this a 3 is because the kit arrived with a damaged block and was missing the yoga strap, which was the other item in the kit that I really wanted. Both the Amazon box and the product box that the kit arrived in did not appear to have any damage; it also did not appear that the product box had been opened previously. The damage to the block isn’t extensive enough that it can’t be used, as long as I am very careful about which side I have on the floor (the corner is dented in enough that if the wrong side is down it causes the block to wobble easily and could cause me to lose my balance and fall). I have gotten by for the last year without a block, so I probably won’t use it unless I really need it. I still need a yoga strap for my stretches though, so I will have to contact Amazon for a replacement or just buy a new one.

  6. Kortney Voss

    I’ve been wanting to try yoga for a long time, but I was intimidated by the fact that most classes are for advanced students, even when they claim they’re for beginners. I have yet to really use the block yet, but the cd that comes with this kit is awesome. I use it about twice a week. I use the one for daily use, which lasts 20 minutes. Every time I use it I FEEL AMAZING. Within the first 5 minutes my back pops and feels so much better. I am becoming more flexible and don’t feel intimidated at all by the workout. I recommend to anyone starting out that doesn’t feel confident in trying yoga.

  7. Gaiam Customer Service

    So to begin with I am not a beginner I just wanted a new mat and the extra goodies, I thought this was what I wanted but it is not that great! For the price this is just okay. The block is very soft, I feel like I sink into it when I do use it. The strap is perfect and I am glad that this came with it. Finally, the yoga mat is beautiful but it is super thin and I slip and slide all over it. My hands and feet do sweat while doing yoga but even when they are not sweaty I still slide very slowly which is a pain in the rear while you are in down dog and your hands keep moving. I even tried wearing yoga gloves and socks but it doesn’t really do me much good. Overall, I would not buy this again. If you want this type of mat go to Walmart and buy their cheap yoga mat because this is basically the same quality of mat. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS KIT!!!!!

  8. Gail C.

    Really enjoyed getting started on beginning yoga. This instructor made yoga an important part of my daily routine. Not intimidating or complicated. Great start to learning how to increase your breathing and muscle controls.

  9. Dodd Alley

    Purchased this set for my six-year-old niece who wanted her own yoga mat. She was thrilled at the colors as well as the block and strap. The mat is thin, and wouldn’t be good for anyone with knees that need extra padding, and it smelled AWFUL when unwrapped. I opened it a week before Christmas to let it off-gas in the basement before gifting it.

  10. cado406

    I am a beginner at yoga and was very excited to find this kit. Everything was great, the mat is perfect size. The DVD….. it was interesting. I don’t know what I was expecting. I guess more; breathing…stretching….*hummmmm*… although there are sections of the DVD that are “slow” or “relaxing” the instructor is very fast, by the time I got comfortable or figured out one pose he was finishing the next pose. I did indeed work a sweat it was most def not a relaxing sweat.

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