Double Radian Yoga Wheel

47.00$ 39.60$

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Double Radian Yoga Wheel

47.00$ 39.60$

  • YOGA PRACTICE —Increase flexibility, perform backbends & handstands and yoga poses with pro wheel!
  • INNOVATIVE YOGA WHEEL —Double radian design, dharma yoga wheel provides 2 different surfaces to work
  • SUPERIOR YOGA PROP —Wheel is impact resistant, anti-slip, sweat-proof for comfortable dharma yoga!
  • DURABLE WHEEL PROP — Eco yoga wheel load up to 550 Lbs, won’t bend —Ideal dharma stretching tool


Define a new direction of fitness with Solofit’s Double Radian Yoga Wheel. Practise yoga with this assistive prop and perform challenging poses with more comfort (whether you are a novice or a professional) — because you were born to be different & smart.

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Our innovative elliptical double radian design provides 2 different surfaces to work with – unique double-sided arc makes it suitable for different training styles, thus allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises or practice a wide range of poses.

Available in 2 sizes, medium 15×8 inch and small 10×6 inch, these are suitable for people of all builds & ages.


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Boost Your Backbends

Pro yoga wheel helps you deepen your backbends while providing stability to your neck & shoulders and supporting your back as your spine stretches out!



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Release Back Tension In Minutes

Relieve stress & muscle tension in minutes by performing soothing yoga poses more conveniently with our eco yoga wheel.




yoga wheel dharma pose prop roller eco block pro backbends stretching tool back pain bends stretch

yoga wheel dharma pose prop roller eco block pro backbends stretching tool back pain bends stretch

yoga wheel dharma pose prop roller eco block pro backbends stretching tool back pain bends stretch

yoga wheel dharma pose prop roller eco block pro backbends stretching tool back pain bends stretch


Our yoga wheel is designed for beginners & professionals for easy yoga practice! Flex, bend, stretch and warm-up with no complications – easily comprehensible instructions! Practice yoga at home, office, studio or the gym!



Build core strength, stretch & open your back, chest, abdomen & hip flexors, increase overall body coordination & spine alignment, improve flexibility & muscle tone, develop abs and get rid of extra stomach flab!



Innovative design to help you practice multiple poses, ab training exercises, difficult inversions, handstands etc. with ease. Portable and lightweight design allows you to travel with our yoga wheel with ease.



Practice various poses like child’s pose, lizard’s pose, crow pose, fish pose, staff pose, half pyramid pose, inverted triangle pose and much more! Non-slip, soft, moisture-resistant cushioning & extra grip design for a safe workout experience!


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6 reviews for Double Radian Yoga Wheel

  1. Berni

    I am able to lay my back on this and hold that position for a few minutes and it greatly helps the backaches I get from scoliosis and pelvic prolapse. I bought the taller yoga circle first and was unable to lay back on it. Now after doing this one I am also able to lay on the taller a bit, and I am increasing the time I can lay back on this one. Right now I am concentrating on exercises for the core. In time I plan to try more exercises with this. It was a good purchase for me. Very helpful.

  2. Jacob Dangoor

    I bought this because I was surprised by the new wheel shape. I’m just starting to practice yoga and this wheel for yoga seemed to be more convenient for beginners. Since this yoga wheel is fixed in place, it is very convenient and safe to lie on it. In addition, I started using it on a chair while working on a computer. It helps me to fix my back in a level position and even work has become more productive. Im very happy with the wheel.

  3. Ann

    I am short waisted so the more curved side is tough but the straighter side works well. Thanks! I am a yoga teacher so I am always looking for new toys to tell my students about.

  4. Desiree

    This isn’t was soft as I’d hoped. It’s painful to use, and sort of defeated the purpose of why I bought it. Bending back on it, on either side really hurts. The padding on it isn’t nearly soft or thick enough to protect from the hard plastic.

  5. DraeS

    I was a little intimidated to try one of these out, but my local Stretch Assistant (yeah, that’s a thing) had me use one during a session and it was amazing. This baby has both a rounded side and a teardrop side, so it works like both a wedge and a hoop. I use the wedge side for some really life-changing corpse poses, and to open up my back. I use the hoop side to make my abs cry like little girls (and then I cry like a big girl.) Haven’t had any issues with the weight rating. It is technically wide enough for me to stand on like a balance beam, but I’m not gonna push my luck. Solid tool, great for beginner to intermediate yoga, suitable for big and small people.

  6. RWS

    Love this product. Bought the yoga wheel as well but this is better suited to my experience/skill level. will be indispensably in helping me progress and will be a constant travel companion. Quality is excellent. Highy recommend.

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