Sahasrara Extra Large Yoga Mat Bag

49.95$ 36.50$

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Sahasrara Extra Large Yoga Mat Bag

49.95$ 36.50$

EXTRA SPACIOUS YOGA MAT BAG: With its dimensions measuring 6.5’’ inches width, 11’’ inches height, 30.5’’ inches bottom and 33’’ inches top length, this ideally sized yoga bag is long enough to fit any yoga mat – and wide enough for two of them as well!
BEAUTIFUL EMBROIDERY & DESIGN: A beautiful embroidery decorates the outside of the bag, that is cotton colored – which makes it a simple, minimal, stylistic choice not only for your yoga practice lessons and also for pilates or, why not, gym workouts too!
MAGNETIC SNAPS FOR EXTRA EASE OF USE: To help you easily open and securely close your bag, we have added 4 magnetic snaps to your tote bag. And, to make sure that they will not tear or fall apart, we have also added non-woven material to their strip!
TWO ADDITIONAL STORAGE POCKETS: Apart from your yoga mat, you also need your keys, your wallet, your mobile, your water etc. Our two additional pockets with the strong zippers will make carrying all these and many more a piece of cake for you!
SUPERIOR QUALITY & CONSTRUCTION:Earning your clients’ trust and loyalty is not an easy goal to achieve. That’s why we only use premium, 100% cotton for our tote yoga mat bags – to make sure they rise up to your standards and last you a lifetime!



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10 reviews for Sahasrara Extra Large Yoga Mat Bag

  1. kathleen

    Love the fabric. Cotton canvas is wonderful, light and the strap is long for over the shoulder. The Design is cute and light, not neon. It fits a large thick mat, two bricks and doesn’t close with all that in. I didn’t care if it closed, I just needed the space. The pocket hold my cash, money and phone. That’s all I needed. If anything, the top could be bigger to close the bag with all my stuff in it. I sent back other bags to find a big one to fit it all.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Ive just been given by my hubby, a Manduka Pro in Verve color, and I thought of treating it with more than the usual straps. And since Im eyeing an upcoming YTT, I really needed a bag to lug around such a heavy mat with some essentials. So my considerations were, in order of importance 1)price 2)size 3)durability 4)styleSeeing that the good yoga bags are all well over $19, this is by far the cheapest with good reviews and more importantly can fit my mat.Actually after reading the reviews, I thought that the bag would be too huge. But actually its not that big. You wont have the look of the bag in the product pic with a Manduka pro. But what I like is that my mat can fit in it, snugly, but because the materials (canvass for outer) and a tough lining (similar to nylon but doesnt look like it will tear), i feel that the bag will last me a long long time. Even though its white, the off white color of cheesecloth means i do not have to maintain its pristine white color.Going back to the size, with the Manduka Pro, i can add a rolled towel, a tumbler, actually some small stuff that I can place in the pockets as well (or maybe a long rectangular pouch), and a change of light clothes after a yoga session. Its quite enough really.But if you own the Manduka Pro Black (longer version), Im not sure if it will fit well unless you roll it tightly.The straps are quite long, and there is no adjustment for that. Im 5’5″, and with the bag over my shoulder, the top part of the bag is at the bottom of my rib cage. It will sway front and back and since the bag is way low, my arm cant keep it from swaying, so im hoping that it will have an iteration with adjustable straps.I thought Id prefer a zipper over snaps, but I think now, the magnetic snaps are perfect. The bag snaps are quite a lot enough to shut the bag with out any space for things to fall out or get peeked at.Style: How can you go wrong with white with a simple green design? Its very simple and I like it very much!

  3. MarLu

    This is a beautiful, oversized canvas bag. Big enough to carry a couple of yoga mats, hot yoga towels, props, and a excercise clothes. Pack all your items and keep it in your car for whenever you can drop into a yoga class. The magnet closures are much more convenient then Velcro or a zipper. The green embroidered logo add a nice touch of color. If you’re looking for a way to just carry your yoga mat, this may be too large.

  4. Kay

    Nice bag at a fair price. The canvas is pretty heavy duty-the snaps are great too. I carry a large-ish mat, a blanket & sweater. There’s enough room on the side to wedge in a water bottle. There is a zip panel on the outside & one on the inside, which are convenient as well.The top being magnetic snaps, not a zipper lets the contents breathe… handy if your mat might capture some sweat or if a water bottle spills in class.Time will tell how durable it is overall, but I’m quite pleased now, having used it for a couple of weeks.

  5. Barn119

    Finally have found a bag large enough for my Manduka Pro XL mat! It’s lined and has pockets for storage. If there’s one thing I’d change, it’s to make the canvas waterproof or coated so that dirt won’t show so easily. But otherwise great.

  6. Sandy Shore

    This large, sturdy bag easily holds two yoga mats, water bottle, and towel with room to spare. No wrestling the mats in or out! Two generous zippered pockets–a lined one inside and an unlined one outside–easily hold wallet, keys, phone, glasses, etc, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to find the bag is fully lined, somehow I missed that in the description! the straps are long enough to fit over a shoulder but not so long that the bag would drag on the ground when carried in one hand. The magnetic snaps firmly hold the bag closed.

  7. Shimrit

    This bag is really helping me to keep my yoga routine in the most organized way, and not have all my personal stuff scattered at the locker room.I use the front small zipper for the car keys, internal zipper for the wallet and phone, and my yoga mat fits perfectly to the inside, it even have enough space to contain a jacket on a chilly day.One last thing I really liked is the magnetic snaps, it makes it so easy at the end of the class to close the bag and I can always put my water bottle in between the snaps so it will stand still and easy to pull when I walk home.Product arrived on time and as expected, highly recommended

  8. sonia

    Love the quality. Thick canvas with embroidered emblem. Plastic liner for easy wipe down. Tons of storage. I was able to fit my towel, yoga mat, protein bottle and water bottle with room to spare.

  9. Peanut

    This bag is great. Very large. Was able to put in a matt (standard length, 6mm) and also a blanket. My only gripe is that it is all cloth type with no support. The bag won’t maintain integrity and stay up on its own. For me this was disappointing as it is for my daughter and made it slightly a pain to get everything into the bag with it flopping around. She was able to do it on her own and it is a nice looking bag. The floppiness is the only reason for 4 stars. We haven’t attempted to wash it or anything but if we do I will update the review.

  10. sueinblue

    This bag is genius! It’s sturdy, not flimsy like others I’ve seen. It’s also generous in size and space; I carry my towel, water, energy bar and keys very comfortably. Keeps my expensive mat clean and dry. I also love it for travel. In hotels, you can’t find a clean mat (if they have any at all). I don’t like to exercise on the floor anywhere.I must say, I have had every kind of carry strap for my mat that’s out there. I will never go back to those crazy things. Once you have a carry bag like this one, you’ll know what I mean.

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