Workout Exercise Ab Wheel

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Workout Exercise Ab Wheel

28.60$ 21.50$

Double Radian Elliptical Yoga Wheel – ABS & TPE Wheel – Improves Yoga Practice – Enhances Agility, Strength & Balance – Durable & Lightweight

IMPROVE YOGA PRACTICE — Flex, stretch, bend, arch, warm up and practise poses like child’s pose, reclining pose, fish pose, staff pose, half pyramid pose, lizard lunge, crow pose, etc. more easily with ABCO yoga workout wheel.
HEALTHY LIFESTYLE DHARMA ROLLER — Relieve stress, enhance stamina, increase agility, improve flexibility, loosen tight muscles, boost balance, heighten lung capacity, enrich your mobility and develop your overall fitness with our exercise roller.
PREMIUM QUALITY AB WHEEL — Made with ABS and TPE in a size of 14.7×7.7×5.1 in (375x195x130 mm), our yoga exercise roller is tough, impact resistant, offers extra stability under load and supports your body during intense yoga workouts!
INNOVATIVE DESIGN AB ROLLER — Special double radian yoga wheel features a state-of-the-art elliptical design that provides two different workout surfaces, doesn’t slide or rotate, while its anti-slip, sweat-proof, textured & soft TPE surface offers extra grip!
IDEAL GIFT — Beautiful dual-toned purple & black color dharma yoga wheel makes an ideal gift for your husband, wife, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues or the yoga enthusiast in your life for Christmas, Hanukah, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Anniversary etc!





yoga wheel



Improve yoga poses, deepen backbends, enhance mobility, increase flexibility and relieve everyday stress by practising yoga with ABCOSPORT’s yoga wheel!



strong and comfortable


  • Robust & sturdy ABS built that doesn’t buckle under heavy body weight.
  • Soft and textured TPE foam surface offers a cushioned surface for the body, is smooth against your skin and offers an anti-slip grip to practise yoga safely!


Innovative Design


  • Advanced elliptical design offers two surfaces to work on.
  • Curved base offers better support while performing difficult yoga poses.
  • Circular U-top supports the spine and improves muscle tone during backbends.
  • Anti-rotation design prevents accidents during exercise.




Complex yoga poses COMPLEX YOGA POSES

  • Perform challenging backbends and handstands.
  • Practice deeper variations of yoga poses with ease!




  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to carry our yoga wheel while on the go!
  • Use at home, office or yoga studio for a stress-relieving yoga workout!


Healthy and fit lifestyleHEALTHY & FIT LIFESTYLE



  • Improves balance and spine alignment.
  • Relieves muscle tension & knots.
  • Opens up back, chest, shoulder and abdominal muscles.

3 reviews for Workout Exercise Ab Wheel

  1. abby

    Was rather disappointed in this purchase. It came with no instruction on how to modify yoga poses using this. I use it sometimes to stretch my lower back or for lumbar support sitting in a chair—but that was not it’s intended use. I had emailed the company when I got them but never received any response. If I had to do again I would just stick to my yoga blocks for modification.

  2. Ayris

    Great Wheel! I use it for yoga and to stretch out my back. I have Scoliosis so I need an extra oopmh in my stretches. This gets the pops out easily and smoothly. No cracks that make you think you got stabbed.Also performs admirably with yoga. No sliding around, nicely padded to prevent pain, and easy to clean.My husband and I are in the mid 200’s and it never makes a scary noise or yields when holding our weight.For the price, this was a killer deal. Life’s much easier with less back pain. I’ve got one of those adjustment pillows and this guy is much better at getting my spine where it needs to be. While it’s no inversion table it’s a MUCH cheaper alternative for lower back pain!

  3. Rhoike

    This arch is constructed well and is easy to clean. I accidentally ordered two so I am giving one to my best friend to help with her back issues. Recently, I had knee surgery which has aggravated the opposite knee. For these reasons, it has been difficult for me to exercise so my neck/shoulders are quite tense and my lower back is sore. Using the arch has helped stretch these tight muscles. Due to the surgery, I am not able to lay on the floor (I seriously would not be able to get back on my feet) so I am using this on my bed. I’m sure the results will be better it laying on a harder surface. I have also used this behind my back while sitting in the recliner. It really does help with my posture. However, some may prefer to place a pillow between the arch and back for added comfort. For newbies, I recommend this arch wheel.

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