Yoga Strap for Stretch - Back Stretcher


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Yoga Strap for Stretch – Back Stretcher





STRETCHING–Use the Yoga Strap to improve your flexibility and balance and reduce the risk of injury
FEEL YOUNG–The stretch out strap elongates your muscles and improves your poses without discomfort
ADVANCED DESIGN STRETCHING STRAP–Unique elastic cotton blend designed for comfort and performance
PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL–Yoga strap for stretching with 10 elastic loops. No buckles, no tie knots
TUTORIALS INCLUDED–Unlimited access to 120 min online workouts HD videos + Exercise booklet

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Product Description

If you have a static lifestyle, if you sit down a lot, if you want to have better mobility and flexibility, the Stretching Strap is for you. 

Fight sedentarism by stretching your muscles and straightening your joints. When you stretch, you elongate your muscles around the joints which helps increase the range of motion and in turn, helps to avoid injury.



With our High-Quality Stretching Strap with Loops, you can stretch freely without fear of injury


  • It’s super-friendly for beginners
  • You can exercise from home
  • You become more flexible
  • You become more balanced
  • Overcome back pain and other aches
  • Great for warming up
  • Helps with yoga, pilates and dancing
  • Soft, elastic and comfortable to use
  • Strong and resilient, will last you forever
  • Light and easy to carry 
  • Track your progress with numbered Loops 
  • Latex Free Cotton Blend

Complete Beginner Stretching Tutorial with the Yoga Evo Strap 

You get immediate access online to 120 min of professional HD video workouts to learn all the basic strap stretches and exercises

Deepen Yoga poses, make Pilates exercises more challenging, spice up dance warm-ups or improve your ballet stretching routine. Stretching has evolved with Yoga Evo

Instructional eBook: Basic Stretching Exercises

Learn to stretch from our special eBook of basic exercises. You can read it on your phone, computer or tablet. Best if you print it and keep it on hand when you travel.

To get better at that, you need to stretch. And the best way to stretch is either with a partner or with a stretching strap.

This eBook teaches you how to optimize your routine, and is a handy reminder for the poses you need to cycle through for a great workout.


Content of Stretching Strap Bundle

1. Stretching Strap with Loops

2. Carrying Pouch

3. Exercise Booklet

4. Online Strap Tutorial Videos

Stretching Strap Specifications

Weight: 2 lbs

Composition: Cotton & Spandex

Length (idle): 55 inches

Length (stretched): 110 inches

Width: 1.2 inches

Pack dimensions:

Why choose Yoga EVO

We want to make sure that you have everything you need to reach your goal. What you desire may be body oriented or mind oriented. Know that in both cases we are here to support you, always by your side on the beautiful journey that is mental and physical fitness, through the best accessories that we could develop and improve. 

We create each product from the bottom up, taking great care of everything, from the materials used to the design and fit, just as you grow your practice from the foundation to complicated poses and difficult exercises. And we love every minute of it.

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8 reviews for Yoga Strap for Stretch – Back Stretcher

  1. Storm061481

    The package arrived a few days ago. I haven’t watched the videos yet, but I experimented with the band, doing some stretching exercises and it was great. I am allergic to latex and was happy to find a latex free product! Most other bands are made of rubber latex and also don’t seem very sturdy. It’s great to find a solid strong band like this that I don’t have to worry about being allergic to. thank you so much!

  2. Anita Taco

    I simply adore my stretchy strap!! This is so wonderful! I have rheumatoid arthritis and hurt badly at only 32. Since stretching out with this daily for the last 2 months I hurt at least 50% less, maybe even more! I can’t believe simple stretching would do so much to alleviate my pain! If I don’t stretch for a few days my pain starts coming back, but it has worked wonders for me! It made it so I could start being active in ways I never thought possible again in my life! It’s allowed me to start yoga and aerial yoga, and I’ve lost 60 lbs! Not from stretching, but the strap gave me the range of motion and let me feel well enough to do more physical things that resulted in massive shedding of lbs. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone, especially those with chronic pain!

  3. DanceMomWriter

    This is so amazing. I have been using it to stretch my scorpion pose and I already notice a huge difference. I get really tight upper body from pole fitness so this is a godsend. Definitely use the free eBook and videos it comes with! EXCELLENT.

  4. ShelbyMama

    The quality of this strap is very high and has a nice feel to it. It doesn’t feel like it will snap and break. The extra loops can be used or not. They “give you control over the difficulty levels,” as the vendor says. They also make your grip more secure. Overall the product is good quality and worth the investment.

  5. ReB

    I love this stretching strap I have a hard time to get all my muscles stretched out I am 5’2 and overweight, so my range of motion is limited. This Yoga EVO Elastic Stretching strap I have an assistant to get the muscles that need to be stretched. I recommend this belt​ it is well made, no worries of the elastic breaking if anyone needs help to get those muscles stretched this is the best strap I have used, and I have tried many.

  6. Cheapo

    I got introduced to these types of bands at a physical therapy knee workout class. They are amazing. So I decided to order one myself. However, this band is not like a rope with all tension and no elasticity, it is mostly elastic. Because of this, I feel like I have to pull a lot of the rope in order to give it proper tension.I guess I like the “older” style, though I’m new to it, so I can only speak to my experience.I will say, however, it doesn’t hurt to hold this rope with tension… something I can’t say the same for with a rope-like band.I only gave 3/5 stars because it is too elastic, and it does feel like it’s going to rip when I put as much tension as I’m trying to get out of it. It hasn’t, but I’ve only used it a couple of times.

  7. Robert F. Schmidt

    just got my strap…it’s fn awesome!!!…congratulations on such a great product…I’ve been using the old fuddy duddy stretch out strap for years, but yours is a whole new level…it combines s o s with my resistance bands & that is a huge time saver and a way more effective piece for me…thanks so much!

  8. shellseekers46

    Very nice soft, strap for yoga or general stretching. I have been using a cotton, non-stretchable yoga strap to deepen my yoga poses. This is so much better because the built in loops allows you get to get your hands and/or feet in the loops quickly and easily. The strap does stretch but not like a rubber band, it doesn’t snap back and hit you when you let go of it. It comes with a zip pouch to store it in as well as access to online user guides, which I haven’t used. I wish I had this years ago 🙂

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